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When any person decides to learn something, particularly a language, He/she has to adopt a certain basic pattern or procedure:

Understanding the basic steps in framing of sentences, one has to apply and exercise them with a constant progressive frequency. (Like a child learning to stand up and walk, it also tries to jump and at times attempts to run. Fall down, again gets up to repeat the same within its capacities.)

Strictly practicing the syllables producing the accents to pronounce the words, smooth and fluently to develop the conversational skills.

Simultaneously, attempt in accumulating reasonable Vocabulary. ? Our modules consists of logically constructive steps in framing of a sentence, to make a person understand- How to Start and End any sentence.


read & write hindi

Reading and Writing Hindi is provided as a separate package for those requiring the feature, like candidate attempting for UPSC, needs to deal with documentation in their professional career. If a person intends to learn Reading and Writing along with Spoken, Both packages are done simultaneously for efficient learning.

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